Starting on Monday, February 20, 2023 the Streets Division will stop charging the recycling fee for laptops, monitors, computers, and televisions.  This change will be in effect from February 20 until the end of the year.

You still have to bring them to a drop-off site, but we will stop requiring the $15 fee for televisions and the $10 fee for monitors, computers, and laptops. 

So – why were we able to do this? 

The contractor used by the City of Madison to recycle all the electronics you drop off at our sites is named Universal Recycling Technologies (they’re based out of Janesville).  They have a deal in place with Samsung to cover the costs of our electronics recycling.

If you’d like to read the official release, here it is.

Any other good news?
Food scraps recycling will be back in the spring.  Once we get the dates confirmed we’ll make that announcement.  It will be at the same two farmers’ market locations as last year on Tuesday afternoons. 

The Master Recycler class will be back in April (and again in July), so if you’ve been meaning to sign up, please do so you can help your friends, families, neighbors, and social media followers how to recycle better.  This is a Sustain Dane class, so there is a cost to attend, but they do make scholarships available for those who cannot afford the cost.  You can reach out to Sustain Dane to see how that would work.

With the news above, the printed copies of the 2023 Recyclopedia were delayed, but the digital copies will be available soon on the Streets Division’s website.

Drop-off sites are set to expand their hours in April.  If you get the municipal services bill in the mail, you should be getting something next month alongside that bill that will give you the schedule for the drop-off sites this year.

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