West District Police – Property Crime Hot Spot

From Madison West District‘s Police Captain:

Good morning Neighborhood Associations: Stone Meadows, Maple Prairie, Westhaven Trails, Country Grove, Glacier Ridge

I am notifying you of a new property crime micro time hotspot that has developed around the area of Maple Grove Drive and McKee Rd in Aldermanic District #7. Please remind your residents to remain vigilant and do everything possible to keep homes and vehicles secured and belongings out of view in locked cars.

As you may know, West PD is focusing on property crime for this summer’s strategic plan and is focusing on eight historical property crime hotspots. When new and highly active clusters are identified, my plan is to share this information with neighborhood associations. The police sectors around this intersection are accounting for 25-30% of the district’s property crime incidents over the last two weeks.

I am dispatching additional resources into these areas during the overnight hours and residents can expect additional check-ins when we find open garage doors. See the attachment for more information on this micro time hotspot.

Contact me with any questions.

Tim P

Captain Timothy Patton