Upcoming Events

Salute to Veterans
Monday May 30, 9:15 AM Concert & 10 AM Ceremony (FREE)
Forest Hill Cemetery, 1 Speedway Rd, Madison
Bring a lawn chair.
Madison Veterans Council and VFW Band conducted by Jim Latimer
For information, call 608 835-9861

FREE Concerts in the Park
Thursdays July 7 through August 25, 7 PM
Rennebohm Park, 115 N. Eau Claire Ave, Madison
Bring a chair; bring a friend, enjoy toe-tapping music
Capitol City Band conducted by Jim Latimer
For information, call 608 835-9861

FREE patriotic concert
Monday July 4, 6:30 PM
Rennebohm Park, 115 N. Eau Claire Ave, Madison
Salute the Troops – then and now
Bring a lawn chair for listening comfort.
Capitol City Band conducted by Jim Latimer
Color Guard VFW Post 7591
For information, call 608 835-9861

2022-05-13 Neighborhood News & Updates

Planning Framework

A proposed Planning Framework was introduced at the Common Council on Tuesday May 10. It will simplify and standardize the City’s sub-area planning and make it more equitable. The Planning Division will focus on 13 higher-level “Area Plans” covering the entire City. These will be updated every 10 years, and be considered the guiding plan for future land use and infrastructure investment.

The City currently has nearly 70 adopted sub-area plans with a wide variety of content, all of which will be considered as a new Area Plan is created. Each Area Plan process will provide an opportunity to consider older sub-area plans for potential retirement, as outlined on page 126 of the Comprehensive Plan. The proposed Framework will be reviewed by multiple City committees.

Quick Overview and Deeper Dive Review Materials

  • 8-minute video recording of the presentation staff will share with BCCs reviewing this proposal in the coming weeks.
  • Links to detailed materials from the 1.5 year process to develop the Planning Framework which involved close coordination with Plan Commission and City agencies: March 24, 2022 Plan Commission meeting materials, video; December 14, 2020 and July 8, 2021 Plan Commission meeting materials, 2020 video, 2021 video

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Brian Grady, Principal Planner, bgrady@cityofmadison.com or Linda Horvath, Planner IV, at lhorvath@cityofmadison.com.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Zoning

The Planning Division, in collaboration with Zoning staff, is working to implement a 2018 Comprehensive Plan call for implementation of “TOD overlay zoning” along planned BRT and other high-frequency transit corridors to “create development intensity minimums, reduce parking requirements, and support transit use.”  For more information, and to sign up for May 16th public meetings on this effort, please visit the project web page

Support a Utility Box Installation

The Madison Arts Commission has created Support a Utility Box Installation to highlight, encourage and promote local artists by giving them exposure in the public realm. Artists are compensated $500 for a license of each image used in the program. This project’s funds will be used to pay artists and cover the costs of installing the art on utility boxes. Contributions of any size are welcome, but a $2,500 contribution will fully cover the cost of a box wrap in your neighborhood and a box in a neighborhood where there aren’t as many financial resources https://www.friendsofmadisonarts.org/.

Make Music Madison

Registration closes on May 25th at 11:59 PM. Learn more at http://www.makemusicmadison.org/.

SMNA Meeting Venue: We Need Your Help!

As many of you are likely aware, SMNA had to cancel our annual meeting at the last-minute due to some venue issues. HyVee previously had a wine tasting room, which the community could book for meetings; however, they decided to convert that room to storage and cease doing community meetings in there. We were unable to identify an alternate venue on short notice, so we had to cancel.

Changing our venue requires a lot of legwork, so we’re making sure that we consider all of our options, as we intend long-term availability of the space. That’s why we decided to ask our fellow helpful neighbors.

If you know any local business owners or decision-makers that don’t mind our neighborhood association tying up a room at 7 pm, every two months, please let us know.

We’ll make sure Jeff calls them to talk to discuss details. Feel free to drop us a line about it – business@smna.org

Please be mindful of the following criteria:

  1. The subject’s business is regularly open until ≥ 8:00 pm on Mondays. We don’t want to make custodians deal with letting people in/out of the building.
  2. This room needs to be able to hold quite a few people. 20 x 20 ft, based on area, is a soft minimum size guideline. Our SMNA meetings are held once every two months. There is extra attendance when we have our annual meeting. Government officials, firefighters, and others with expert knowledge of our community speak solely for our annual meeting’s attendees.
  3. We aim to keep its location within or near our neighborhood association’s boundaries. Those are available on our About page.

In short, this is a free opportunity for our selected local venue to draw extra attention to their business.

We’re respectful of others’ property. Unless specified differently, the meeting room is always put back in the same order as we found it.

Thanks for your help!

Stone Meadows Neighborhood Association (SMNA)