Welcome to your neighborhood. SMNA is a volunteer neighborhood association located in Southwest Madison, Wisconsin.

News and Events:

We have updated the Join page with the new member application form. Please click here to see the new form.

Reminder – Bi-Monthly SMNA Meeting at 7pm

Who: Everyone is welcome, even non-members. We have a Join page. Membership is $20/yr.
What: SMNA Board Meeting
When: Every 2nd Monday, every 2 months (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov)
Where: Wine Tasting room at our local Hy-Vee Store (Fitchburg)

SMNA 4th of July volunteer request:

Stone Meadows Neighborhood​ Association is looking​ for members (and non-members) to help us with our 4th of July Parade and Picnic.
Parade goes off at 11:00am and Picnic to follow that goes until the food and crowd runs low.
Here are the positions that we are looking to fill:
(6) Parade Support: Pre-Parade lineup directions (10:15am). Walk/Ride along with the participants to make sure intersections and streets are clear and safe from traffic.
(4) Hot Dog/Food Support: Help Setup the food tents and related grills and coolers (10:15am). Help cook hotdogs and serve customers.
(4) Bounce House Support: Help Setup Bounce House equipment and related equipment (10:00am). Take tickets and monitor time for the participants (After Parade).
(4) Game Support: Help Setup games (Stuffed Animals cage, etc.) (10:15am). Take tickets and run games as needed (after parade).
(6) Cleanup: Beginning as festivities begin to finish, these volunteers will assist in breakdown of equipment and loading it into provided trailers and trucks (only needed at the park. Unloading will be done later.)
There are no age requirement/restrictions, however we ask that parents of our youngest helpers be present to ensure minimal issues.
Email Kenneth.brown1971@gmail to help out or see SMNA.org for more information.