2022 Jan 21 Neighborhood News & Updates

City Grants 2022

  • Remember that the deadline to contact staff for the 2022 Neighborhood Grant Program pre-app meeting has been extended to January 31, 2022. Do not miss this opportunity and meet with us to discuss ideas! Final deadline to apply for a grant is February 7, 2022, 4:30pm.
  • Madison Arts Commission annual grants of up to $3,000 to support art projects and a new special grant program called “Artists at Work” in the amount of $15,000 – $29,000 to support job creation for the creative sector will soon be open. Stay tuned! Opportunities will come to this webpage in February: https://www.cityofmadison.com/dpced/planning/madison-arts/1592/

Historic Preservation Ordinance Revisions Proposed

The City of Madison Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee (LORC) has proposed revisions to Madison’s Historic Preservation Ordinance for local historic districts.  These ordinance changes will apply to all properties in the Mansion Hill, Third Lake Ridge, Marquette Bungalows, University Heights, and First Settlement local historic districts.  The Common Council-appointed Committee is now seeking additional public input before finalizing the draft ordinance. Three public meetings have been scheduled to provide an overview of the proposed changes and an opportunity to comment on the draft ordinance.  The scheduled public meetings and their respective topics are listed below:

  1. All Districts / General Public Meeting:  Thursday, February 3 – 6:30 pm
  2. Development Professionals + Contractors Meeting:  Monday, February 7 – noon
  3. New Construction Meeting:  Thursday, February 10 – 6:30 pm

These will be virtual meetings and the public is invited to attend any of them.  Participants will need to register in advance using instructions posted on the project website (below).

To view the draft ordinance, learn more about the process and additional input opportunities complete a survey on the revisions, and more, please visit the project website: www.cityofmadison.com/historicpreservation

Streets & Urban Forestry Division Updates:

  • Remember to get your 2022 trash and recycling calendar so you don’t miss your collections. Contact the Streets Division or download yours today at www.cityofmadison.com/CollectionSchedule
  • Winter isn’t done with us yet, so be sure you stay informed and ready for the next storm. The City’s page for all your winter information from information about when plows are sent out to how to use salt correctly to everything in between can be found at www.cityofmadison.com/Winter.
  • You still have time before spring hits to protect your trees against the gypsy moth pest.  Learn what you can do on the gypsy moth page at www.cityofmadison.com/Forestry.
  • As you start planning for your spring clean-up or renovations, remember the large item collection system changed last year. You need to make a work order so crews know where to go. Fill out your large item work orders at www.cityofmadison.com/LargeItemWorkOrder.

Free Native Plants for Schools and Community Projects

The Dane County Land and Water Resources Dept. has a limited supply of free native plants that are available for use in school or community projects within Dane County that benefit water quality and education. Plants for the fall cycle are grown by volunteers. Plants will be available for pick up in late summer. To find out more about the program please visit the program website.

December 8: Westside Community Conversation

You are invited to a virtual Westside Community Conversation on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 6pm. This is the fourth in a series of Westside Community Conversations. The topic is “CARES: Community Alternative Response Emergency Services.”

You can join the virtual event using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at www.cityofmadison.com/MeetingDecember8Westside. The meeting will be recorded.

Please email your questions for the panelists to neighborhoodmeeting1@cityofmadison.com by Monday, December 6.

You can view a recording of the September 30 Westside Community Conversation, which featured Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes and Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett, here.

You can view a recording of the October 14 Westside Community conversation, which featured an overview and discussion of the 2022 Executive Budget, here.

You can view a recording of the November 18 Westside Community Conversation, which featured an overview and discussion of the juvenile justice system, here.

120821 WCC4 flyer

2021 Traffic Signal Priority List Preliminary Review and Selection

Please see the attached notice for next week’s Transportation Commission meeting where the annual public hearing for the Traffic Signal Priority List (TSPL) will take place. Also attached is the 2020 TSPL, and the Criteria for Traffic Signals document which briefly describes the conditions in which traffic signals are typically recommended.

At this first meeting we will discuss requests for traffic signals that were brought up throughout the last year, and intersections that we and the committee recommend for further study. This meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to request intersections to be studied for installation of a traffic signal.

If you are interested in attending, please see the information in the link below.


Recycle Paper Cups & More From the Streets Dept

Starting right now, we can accept dry and empty paper cups in our green recycling cart at home!

Of course, it’s better to choose reusable containers than single-use paper cups when you can, but this is still good news. 

What kind of cups are you talking about?

These are the paper takeout cups that you would get from coffee shops or fast-food restaurants.


An empty and dry paper cup ready for recycling.

How do you recycle the paper cups?

Be sure they are empty and dry. If you hold the cup upside down over your head and you get dripped on – the cup isn’t empty or dry enough to go into the recycling.

The plastic lids and plastic straws should be placed into the trash.  The plastic lids are flat and due to their shape they are likely to get mixed in with the paper products and become a contaminant.

The cardboard sleeve on coffee cups should be slipped off the cup and recycled separately from the cup itself.

What happens to the paper cups?

They are bundled up and sent off to paper mills in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the Midwest to be made into paper products like tissue and paperboard boxes.

Can I recycle paper take out cups where I work or at my local coffeeshop?

If your workplace or the business uses Pellitteri Waste Systems, or is collected by the Streets Division, then yes.  (Pellitteri accepts, sorts, and sells the recyclables collected by the Streets Division.)

If they use Waste Management or Green for Life (GFL), I’m less certain. I believe Pellitteri is the first in Wisconsin to make the improvements to provide cup recycling, but the other recyclers may be able to offer it as well or have plans to add this service soon. You just have to check.

Other news from the Streets Division

The drop-off sites hours are changing to winter hours. If you are bringing in electronics or yard waste or excess cardboard, be sure to check the hours before loading your car. Winter hours are much shorter than standard hours, and the drop-off sites are closed on weekends now.  The drop-off site website is www.cityofmadison.com/DropoffSites.

Also, there is a last chance leaf collection that will get underway next week – but keep your eyes on the weather. We are really hoping to provide one last leaf pickup this year since the leaves fell so late for so many people. But if we get hit with a significant winter storm before leaf collection is complete, leaf pickup may need to stop so Streets crews could switch to snowplowing duties.

Yahara Sustainability Campus Public Information Meeting with Dane County

The County will be hosting a public information meeting about the sustainability campus and landfill expansion proposal, at 5:30pm on December 7.  The meeting will be held over Zoom. All are welcome to attend.

Here is the link to the meeting – https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_EvuUrJkmReyhAPaDWob25Q

Dane County staff will give an approximately 30 minute presentation about the Sustainability Campus and landfill expansion, followed by a Q&A session.
Prior to the meeting, anyone can submit questions by sending them to waste.renewables@countyofdane.com.

During the meeting, written questions can be submitted using the Q&A function on Zoom. Dane County staff will respond to all questions during the presentation and in the Q&A session.

The meeting will also be recorded and posted on the County’s website for individuals who are unable to attend.

For more information about the Sustainability Campus proposal and the meeting, Dane County provided the below links.

Here is a link to the meeting agenda, including registration and call-in details: https://dane.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=909052&GUID=C710012A-7569-4E70-8DDC-3B7774C240EE

Here’s a link to the Dane County website with information on the proposed Sustainability Campus and landfill: https://landfill.countyofdane.com/projects/WastandRenewableProjects/Sustainability-Campus

And here’s an FAQs about the Sustainability Campus: https://landfill.countyofdane.com/projects/WastandRenewableProjects/Sustainability-Campus

And lastly here’s the official press release on the upcoming public information meeting: https://www.countyofdane.com/PressDetail/10952

SMNA in 2022

The neighborhood association plans to restart normal operations in 2022, likely starting with the membership drive in the spring.

As a reminder, we are looking for new folks to join the board as officers, as well as identify people who can help organize our signature events (the garage sale and the 4th of July parade & picnic). If you are interested, please email president@smna.org.

2021-11-26 News and Updates

Streets Division – Drop-off Sites

The winter hours officially begin on Monday, November 29. This also means the final Saturday hours for 2021 at the Streets Division drop-off sites will be Saturday, November 27. Learn more about the drop-off site hours and their locations at www.cityofmadison.com/DropOffSites

Neighborhood Grant Program

All potential applicants must meet with city staff by January 17 and applications will be due February 7. Please send an email to neighborhoods@cityofmadison.com to request your pre-application meeting, and check the city’s webpage in mid-December for 2022 program materials.

Order adds exception for fully-vaccinated groups of people

Visit Public Health website for more information

Jeffrey Clay Erlanger Civility in Public Discourse Award

Deadline for Nominations for the Jeffrey Clay Erlanger Civility in Public Discourse Award Extended to November 12

The City of Madison announced today that it will extend the deadline for nominations for the annual Jeffrey Clay Erlanger Civility in Public Discourse Award until November 12. The award was created in September of 2007 to honor the memory of the late Jeff Erlanger, who was committed to public service, focusing on constructive civil debate, fairness, openness, and effective representation.

“Jeff Erlanger was an individual of integrity, passion, intelligence, civility and politeness,” Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said. “He understood that thoughtful and caring people could have very different ideas on how to best address our community’s many complex issues and problems. At the same time, he was dedicated to the belief that people could disagree without being disagreeable. This award honors his commitment to that belief.”

Nomination forms are available online at https://www.cityofmadison.com/mayor/programs/jeffrey-clay-erlanger-civility-in-public-discourse-award . Nominations must be returned to the Mayor’s Office by mail (Room 403, City County Building, 210 Martin Luther King BLVD) or email (mayor@cityofmadison.com) by 5:00 p.m. on November 12.

The Erlanger Award was created to “recognize individuals or organizations who share Jeff Erlanger’s dedication to and compassion for public policy development, politeness, civility, individual and human rights, and who conduct their daily life consistent with these values.”

Erlanger served on the City of Madison’s Economic Development Commission, chaired the Commission on People with Disabilities, chaired the Board of Directors of the Community Living Alliance and ran for the Madison Common Council in 2002. One of his greatest accomplishments was his successful push for the accessible taxicab service that exists in Madison today. Erlanger passed away in June of 2007.

The award is presented annually at a Common Council meeting close to the birthday of Jeff Erlanger. The recipient of the Erlanger Award, and the person who nominated them, will each be able to designate a non-profit charity to receive $250.

2021-10-28 Neighborhood News & Updates

Your input is valuable! Please consider responding to the Music and Tourism Survey. This survey aims to take a pulse on how people view our current music ecosystem and share ideas on how to improve it. The survey will take 5 minutes and if you share your contact information you will be entered into a drawing for $50. Your name will only be entered once.  Take the Survey!

The South Madison Plan Final DRAFT will be introduced to the Common Council on November 2nd. If you are a resident of South Madison or work in the area, we encourage you to review the Draft and follow the adoption process. The South Madison Plan will be referred to various legislative bodies and the exact schedule will be posted on the South Madison Plan website later next week.

The Community Development Authority (CDA) Selected New Year Investments for a Triangle Redevelopment Partnership to help lead a public-private process to revitalize and/or redevelop a major site within its public housing portfolio in an area of the near west side of the City known as “the Triangle.” Comprised of five separate sites and roughly 340 units, the CDA wishes to begin detailed planning for a phased, long-term approach that will replace or substantially upgrade every unit at the Triangle within the next 5-10 years.

Streets Division Updates:

  • The 2022 trash & recycling collection calendar is now available. Get yours today at www.cityofmadison.com/CollectionSchedule. Enter your address into the form. A new tab will open in your web browser. Scroll down to see next year’s schedule.
  • Leaf and yard waste collection for the fall is underway. Learn when you should set out your leaves and yard waste so they are picked up by visiting www.cityofmadison.com/YardWaste
  • Drop-off site hours change seasonally, so be sure you know when the sites are open before loading your car. Learn the rules for the sites and the hours when they are open at www.cityofmadison.com/DropOffSites
  • Remember that large item collection is different. You need to submit a work order before you set the items out for pickup, and remember not to set the items out too early. Wait until the set-out date you chose or the day before the set-out date. Placing items out too early clutters the neighborhood.  To submit your work order to get on the large item pickup schedule go to www.cityofmadison.com/LargeItemWorkOrder
  • Winter is around the corner. Be sure to sign up for parking alerts, snow plow update emails, and learn about how to salt your sidewalks and driveways correctly at www.cityofmadison.com/Winter.

2021-10-17 Neighborhood News and Updates

Celebrate the Leopold Community Garden 10-Year Anniversary and Help Plant at the Fiddlehead Fern Sanctuary

Let’s Talk Streets Community Survey – Phase 2 – Closes Sunday October 17th

  • Please take a short survey about our city streets. This survey builds on what we have heard from the community so far on our shared values for streets. We would like to know more as we develop those shared values in a way that can guide decisions about streets and transportation. Take the Survey:  www.cityofmadison.com/transportation/initiatives/lets-talk-streets

Vision Zero Continues

  • Vision Zero is a data driven strategy intended to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries on City streets by 2030 while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. For more information about the City of Madison’s Vision Zero initiative and to sign up for Vision Zero news updates, please see www.cityofmadison.com/visionzero

South Madison Plan Review and Comment by 4:30 p.m. October 18th

Junction Ridge Park Oasis Opening October 23rd, 12-4:00 p.m.

  • Junction Ridge Neighborhood will put the finishing touches on its new Neighborhood Oasis at Junction Ridge Park, 8502 Elderberry Rd, Madison, WI 53717 on Saturday, October 23, 12:00 p.m. (rain date is Sunday, October 24). Work will be followed by a celebration at 3:00 p.m.. There will be a patio with seating, surrounded by native plants. There will also be a small prairie with interpretive signs and welcome signs at park entrances. Funding sources included H&R Block Foundation, area residents, the Planning Division’s Neighborhood Grant Program, among other sources.

28th Annual Madison Compost Bin Truckload Sale October 23rd

  • RainReserve will hold the 28th annual Madison compost bin truckload sale on October 23, 2021 at the Garver Feed Mill (3241 Garver Green). Pre-orders are now available. The location provides easy pick-up and experts will be on hand to answer questions.

Streets Division Updates