AT&T Fiber – Courtesy of Jeff Statz

Just placed a new AT&T Fiber online order 

I just noticed an AT&T tech’s van on Jeffers Dr, so I stalked him and struck up a conversation. He was testing individual houses for Fiber. He said that his testing was the final stage of their Fiber rollout. 

While I’d expect to receive a notification from the Fiber waitlist, since I registered after the first door hanger, I successfully placed an install order online. It’s set for Friday afternoon. 

After that, I called their customer service to get some context. They weren’t able to tell me why I wasn’t alerted about eligibility, but expected that I’d still receive one. 

You’ll want to know that their promos changed slightly, since the last door hanger I got. The rep said their pricing was updated, effective June 14th. More on that below. 

What my door hangers never stated is that they have a referral program. For referring a new Fiber or Wireless customer, you’ll receive a one-time $25 credit. The newly referred customer receives a one-time $75 credit. This is only applicable to orders placed online, for Fiber or Wireless postpaid accounts. 

I’m not one to leave money on the table, so we should all be using each other’s referral links. To get your initial $75 credit, here is mine:

After you place the online order, you’ll have that $75 credit pending, so feel free to call if you have more questions (like I did). Anytime after your order is set up, login to your account portal and generate your unique referral link for future $25 referral credits. 

Fine print: phone and in-person installation orders don’t receive the credit. There is a max of 10 referral credits per account. 

Appointment slots were filling up quickly. I asked the customer service rep to list out all the Fiber pricing tiers, so I could notify our neighborhood. You likely haven’t received an alert, but are right on the edge of AT&T updating your address as eligible. 

First, know that paperless billing is required for any monthly discount. Second, the autopay discounts are $5/mo better when using a bank account, rather than credit card. 


1Gig: $90/mo regular price | $80/mo for bank acct autopay | $85/mo for credit card autopay 

500M: $75/mo regular | $65/mo bank account | $70/mo credit card 

300M: $65/mo regular | $55/mo bank account | $60/mo credit card 

—— Upper Tier —— 

5Gig: $255/mo regular | $245/mo bank account | $250/mo credit card 

2Gig: $155/mo regular | $145/mo bank account | $150/mo credit card 

• 25% Discount: Military, Teachers, Physicians, Nurses, First Responders, current or retired AT&T employees 

• 20% Discount: for AT&T Wireless postpaid account, when bundled. 

According to the customer service rep, Sofi, these discounts do stack. 

I asked if the new AT&T customer would only get the bundle discount if they signed up for Fiber at the same time as wireless. That is not a requirement, so I ordered Fiber and plan to look into the wireless bundle option later. 

If you order before the Fiber waitlist’s alert, I’d expect that you’re an early adopter. Once my installation is done, I’ll report back to this thread with any more info I can glean. 

To my fellow nerd neighbors, the technician said that they still use the BGW320-505 gateway device.

Note from Jeff: our neighbors can reference the SMNA Facebook Group for more details. It’s a private group, so make sure that you’re in our neighborhood before requesting an invite.

I’ve been keeping it updated with my AT&T Fiber experience, so we turned it into a megathread for others to post their comments. We’d love to see your perspective.