As many of you are likely aware, SMNA had to cancel our annual meeting at the last-minute due to some venue issues. HyVee previously had a wine tasting room, which the community could book for meetings; however, they decided to convert that room to storage and cease doing community meetings in there. We were unable to identify an alternate venue on short notice, so we had to cancel.

Changing our venue requires a lot of legwork, so we’re making sure that we consider all of our options, as we intend long-term availability of the space. That’s why we decided to ask our fellow helpful neighbors.

If you know any local business owners or decision-makers that don’t mind our neighborhood association tying up a room at 7 pm, every two months, please let us know.

We’ll make sure Jeff calls them to talk to discuss details. Feel free to drop us a line about it –

Please be mindful of the following criteria:

  1. The subject’s business is regularly open until ≥ 8:00 pm on Mondays. We don’t want to make custodians deal with letting people in/out of the building.
  2. This room needs to be able to hold quite a few people. 20 x 20 ft, based on area, is a soft minimum size guideline. Our SMNA meetings are held once every two months. There is extra attendance when we have our annual meeting. Government officials, firefighters, and others with expert knowledge of our community speak solely for our annual meeting’s attendees.
  3. We aim to keep its location within or near our neighborhood association’s boundaries. Those are available on our About page.

In short, this is a free opportunity for our selected local venue to draw extra attention to their business.

We’re respectful of others’ property. Unless specified differently, the meeting room is always put back in the same order as we found it.

Thanks for your help!

Stone Meadows Neighborhood Association (SMNA)

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