See the letter below from the city traffic engineering department. There is a meeting next week, Wednesday December 11th at 5 PM, where they plan to discuss requests for traffic signals that were brought up throughout the past year, and intersections that they and the committee recommend for further study.


The schedule for the Traffic Signal Priority List (TSPL) is planned as follows:

December 11: Opportunity offered at Transportation Commission (T.C.) meeting for comments (written or oral) from interested residents to be presented. Room 215, Madison Municipal Building, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, at 5:00 PM

February 12: Final Signal Priority List and Action Plan reviewed and adopted by T.C.

Please note that the December 11 meeting is your opportunity to offer comments on specific intersections.

Signal warrants are the framework for analyzing and comparing the need for traffic signal control at intersections. Madison’s Priority List is an annual effort to evaluate relative needs for traffic signal control at major unsignalized intersections. While all of the data on the Priority List is valuable, additional factors are also considered and evaluated before decisions to install signals are made. For example, an intersection with volumes somewhat below the minimum volumes to meet a signal warrant may still be a prime candidate for signals if volumes are expected to increase significantly in the immediate future. Conversely, intersections with volumes above the threshold for traffic signals may not be recommended for signals when accident rates or congestion are expected to worsen with signal control.

A copy of the 2019 Traffic Signal Priority list can be found here and detailed descriptions of signal warrants can be found here. A copy of the final 2018 Traffic Signal Priority List can be found at the city’s webpage:

Jerry Schippa, Traffic Engineer (261-1969), can respond to any questions or comments you have regarding technical aspects of the priority list.

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