This year, ecological restoration contractors hired by City of Madison Engineering Division will be conducting prescribed burns on areas of existing native vegetation. Prescribed burns are an important management tool for Wisconsin’s native plant communities. The timeline for these burns to occur will be between March 11 and May 31. The correct conditions for prescribed burns can be difficult to predict, so it is not usually possible to provide exact dates. Burns may not occur at all if correct weather conditions do not occur.

Prescribed burn(s) that will occur in your area include:

*this burn may be conducted by Madison Fire Department staff as part of wildland fire training

The prescribed burn Project Manager will be mailing postcards to residents to notify them about the prescribed burn in their neighborhood.

All burns are being conducted by certified contractors with approval by Madison Fire Department. The burns will only take place under specific weather conditions in order to manage smoke and minimize impacts to neighbors. In addition, the burn professionals will install appropriate road signage on the day of the burn.

A list of project contacts and more information is on our website at:

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