The group Wisconsin Conservation Voters has recently launched a campaign in partnership with the City of Madison and Forward Together to share information about President Biden’s Affordable Clean Energy Plan. The Affordable Clean Energy Plan allows consumers – like you and your neighbors – to make major home purchases. Things like solar panels, electric appliances, energy efficiency measures, and much more are now available with major cost savings.

The created an easy to use toolkit [] which will allow you to see all the ways you personally can save money.

One of the Affordable Clean Energy Plan’s biggest impacts is that it gives money directly to consumers for everything from solar panels for your home to energy efficient appliances to electric vehicles. Not only will it save money for folks like us now, but it will also make our communities healthier for future generations.

There are different benefits for everyone, and whether you own or rent your home will determine what’s available to you. Whether you want to make home upgrades now or save for major projects down the road, for the next 10 years, you can save money on things like home electric vehicle chargers, battery storage, home energy audits, energy efficiency measures, and so much more.

Check out this page from Wisconsin Conservation Voters [] to see how you can take advantage of these benefits. While you’re there, sign up for updates and we’ll keep you posted as new benefits are rolled out. 

This is a historic opportunity to meet the climate crisis head on and save yourself money!

If you have any questions or are interested in receiving more information please contact Ryan at or Seth at 

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