Public Feedback Meetings – Bus Rapid Transit N/S Lines

Community members are encouraged to attend a public meeting to learn more about the City of Madison’s proposed second Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line to run from the city’s north side through the downtown and south side, and ending in Fitchburg.

In-Person Meeting

Thursday, November 9
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
MainStay Suites at 5421 Caddis Bend

Virtual Meeting

Zoom – Thursday, November 8
6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Register online at

Proposed features of the North-South BRT line are expected to include:

  • Thirty-three stations, which have raised platforms, shelters, seating and bus arrival information
  • Buses arriving every 15 minutes throughout the day
  • Battery electric, larger buses with more seating capacity

City staff hope to receive input from the community on the project, specifically regarding station locations, routing on the far north and far south end of the proposed route, the use of ‘bus only’ lanes and any related walking, biking or roadway improvements.

2023 Bus Line Poetry Selections

The City of Madison is excited to announce the selected poets for the 2023 Bus Lines poetry project. The Madison Poet Laureate invites you to celebrate the poets on November 9 at 6:30 p.m. Poems by six poets were selected, including:

  • “Land and People” by Rudy Bankston
  • “To my children in our garden” by Daniela Chandler
  • “Madison Metro” by Harmony, 3rd grader at Lincoln Elementary
  • “Trees in the Wind” by Kael, 3rd grader at Lincoln Elementary
  • “Remember” by Nola Pastor
  • “Solid Gold” by Mary Louise Peters

City’s First Stormwater Utility Vegetation Management Plan

The City of Madison Engineering Division has a number of upcoming listening sessions scheduled to help inform and receive feedback from residents and the community regarding the new Stormwater Utility Vegetation Management Plan, a plan that will incorporate public input and technical expertise to inform vegetation goals and priorities.
The meetings are scheduled for:

The purpose of this plan is to create a resilient and sustainable framework for vegetation management on Stormwater Utility lands, reflective of anticipated climate change impacts and responsive to community concerns.

This plan seeks to be evidence-based, utilize extensive public input and geographic information systems mapping, and incorporate vegetation, stormwater, biodiversity, and climate research. We encourage public comment to help inform the plan. The plan will have a final acceptance by the Board of Public Works.

Free Breast Cancer Screening

One in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. Regular clinical breast exams and mammograms are crucial to saving lives. The Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides free breast cancer screenings for women with limited income and little or no insurance.

Streets Division Updates

  • Pumpkin Disposal – Put them with your leaves for yard waste collection, or compost them yourself. You do not need to put them into the trash. Pumpkins and other compostable decorations like corn stalks and hay can all be collected as yard waste. Just be sure to remove any wires, lights, and any other non-compostable items.
  • Yard Waste Collection in the Final Month – November marks the final month for yard waste pickup for most residents. Don’t miss your yard waste collection chances. Go to to get your set out dates.
  • Drop-off Site Update – Drop-off site hours and locations change after the Thanksgiving holiday. Make sure you know where and when to go when the winter hours begin. Drop-off site information is available at
  • Winter Information – If the threat of snow on Halloween got you thinking about winter, remember that all of the City’s winter information is available at Sign up for plowing updates so you know what to expect on the roads, sidewalk clearing updates, parking text messages if alternate side parking applies to where you park your cars, and plenty of other useful winter info.
  • Large Item Set Out Dates Reminder – When you schedule your large item collection, do not set the items out earlier than the set out date you select in your work order. Crews will not come by early. They collect items during the work week following the set out date you select. When you set out items early, you are accidentally contributing to neighborhood clutter – so please wait until your set out date before putting out items for collection.

Urban Forestry Update:

  • Spongy Moth: Now is the time to take action against the spongy moth. Finding and destroying egg masses can kill up to 1,000 caterpillars that defoliate our trees – especially oaks – in the spring. You can find more information about how to take action on the City’s webpage: Or, you can just watch this short video from the Wisconsin DNR and follow their recommendations.

Last Call to Update your Neighborhood Association profile on our City website!

If your organization has been formally recognized, it will be listed with a descriptive profile that neighbors, businesses, community based organizations, and educational institutions use to find out about your group. Please look for your group on the City website, review the profile, and update only the information that needs to be changed here. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Stay Active this Fall and Winter with Parks Activities!

Jump on a hayride; join a nature walk, and more. Checkout the Parks webpage to find out about the fun events and activities coming up this fall and winter in our Madison Parks.

Saturday, November 11
TIME: 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. (last ride begins at 9:40 p.m.)
MEETING LOCATION: Olin Park boat launch

Sunday, November 12
TIME: 4:30 – 8:00 p.m. (last ride begins at 7:40 p.m.)
MEETING LOCATION: Olin Park boat launch

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