City Budget Passes, Alternate Side Parking, City’s First Stormwater Utility Vegetation Plan and More!

City’s 2024 Budget Approved

The Common Council passed the City’s 2024 Budget on November 14. The budget will fund the north-south Bus Rapid Transit line, new bike and pedestrian paths, construction of the library’s Imagination Center, wage increases for city employees and several new staff positions. Alders also approved amendments to fund an expansion to the Warner Park community center and build a tunnel underneath John Nolen Drive for cyclists and pedestrians. Further highlights:

  • Continued support to expand the CARES program, including investments in staffing and vehicles, to support the program’s growth. 
  • A citywide public information officer to help engage and respond to residents about City services, which was a top priority of the City’s Neighborhood Resource Teams.
  • Another annual increase to the City’s affordable housing fund, providing $94.5 million over six years – an increase of over 60 percent from the 2023 Capital Improvement Plan. 
  • Continued investment in solar, geothermal, and electric vehicle charging projects and acquisitions, with the support of over $13 million in federal tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act.

City’s Alternate Side Parking

The City of Madison’s Alternate side parking is in effect each night from November 15 to March 15. The rule is enforced between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Vehicles should be parked on the odd house numbered side of the street between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on odd numbered dates. Vehicles should be parked on the even house numbered side of the street between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on even numbered dates.

If you park on the street within a  Snow Emergency Zone, you only need to follow the alternate side parking rules when a Declared Snow Emergency is in effect.  If you park on the street outside of the Snow Emergency Zone, you should follow the alternate side parking rules each night from November 15 until March 15 regardless of weather conditions.

Violations of the alternate side parking ordinance are punishable by a fine of $20.  

The fine increases to $60 during a declared Snow Emergency. Vehicles may also be towed. Towed vehicles are also assessed a tow fee on top of the parking violation.

City’s First Stormwater Utility Vegetation Management Plan

The City of Madison Engineering Division has a number of upcoming listening sessions scheduled to help inform and receive feedback from residents and the community regarding the new Stormwater Utility Vegetation Management Plan, a plan that will incorporate public input and technical expertise to inform vegetation goals and priorities.
The meetings are scheduled for:

The purpose of this plan is to create a resilient and sustainable framework for vegetation management on Stormwater Utility lands, reflective of anticipated climate change impacts and responsive to community concerns. The plan seeks to be evidence-based, utilize extensive public input and geographic information systems mapping, and incorporate vegetation, stormwater, biodiversity, and climate research. The Board of Public Works will conduct final review and acceptance of the plan.

Streets Division Updates

  • Leaf Collection Winding Down: Don’t miss out on your final guaranteed leaf collection opportunity.  Be sure you know when your last set out date for leaf pickup is by going to
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Trash/Recycling Schedule: Make sure you know how the Thanksgiving holiday will (or won’t) affect your trash & recycling pickup schedule.  Get your collection schedule at
  • Alternate Side Parking Underway: Don’t start you day off on the wrong foot by getting caught parking on the wrong side of the road. Get all the tools you need about how you should be parking your car on the street during the overnight hours at
  • Drop Off Site Hours & Locations Change After Thanksgiving: Check the drop-off site hours and locations before loading your car.  The Olin Avenue location’s final day of operation is November 26. Winter hours start at the remaining locations later in the week, too.  Drop-off site information is available at

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