2024 Neighborhood Grant Program 

Have you and your neighbors been thinking about making community improvements or strengthening your neighborhood group? The Planning Division will once again offer funding through the  Neighborhood Grant Program for Leadership and Capacity Building and Community Enhancement projects. 

Please review  Grant Program Guidelines and Application. You can also check the  Workshop recording to help you understand criteria and past projects. Once you are ready to start an application, please contact the Planning Division at  Neighborhoods@cityofmadison.com, and share project ideas with your alderperson. The application deadline is February 26, 2024 at 4:30 p.m.

Northeast Area Plan Art Workshop on January 24, 6-8pm

Do you have art project ideas for the Northeast area? Or would like to join a brainstorming session to generate potential art-related projects that could be included in the  Northeast Area Plan?

In collaboration with the City Arts Administrator Kairn Wolf, the Northeast Area Planning (NEAP) team is hosting an upcoming  art workshop on January 24, 6-8pm at the Fleet Service Facility located at 4151 Nakoosa Trail, Madison, WI 53714. The primary goal of the workshop is to gather feedback and insights regarding potential art projects within the NEAP area. Your participation would be instrumental in shaping the artistic vision of this community.

Accessible Taxi Grants Will Help Fill Transit Gaps

People who use wheelchairs face barriers to daily living activities, social outings, and fully participating in what the City has to offer, because of inadequate accessible transportation options. New grant funding will help close the gaps. $250,000 in grants will be available to Madison cab companies for the purchase of accessible taxi cabs later this year. Accessible cabs cost between $50,000-60,000 each. Click  HERE for more information. 

Streets Division Updates

Severe Winter Storms & How to Stay Informed

Forecasts show a serious winter storm for Friday into Saturday, potentially worse than the one we received on January 9.  Higher winds and intense snowfall may create near whiteout conditions in some areas, especially on open areas of Madison, like on areas bordering farm fields.  

Here is what you should do in order to stay informed about the City response to this storm, and all winter storms. 

  • Subscribe to the City of Madison News Release email list. Do this at  www.cityofmadison.com/News.  Everyone can get these. If there are any changes to the Streets Division’s trash & recycling collection schedule, it is announced as a news release first.  And all other important city news are all published as News Releases.  You are welcome to sign up to receive them directly from the City. 
  • Subscribe to the Winter Information lists, too: On  www.cityofmadison.com/Winter, sign up to receive Snow Plow Updates.  If you ever want to know what the plows are doing – sign up to receive those updates and that update will tell you.  Yes, the updates are sometimes quite long and detailed, but they explain the plow deployments and what to expect on the roads.  You can sign up to receive other alerts regarding snow emergency declarations, to sidewalk clearing, to nightly text reminders for alternate side parking.  All of it is at  www.cityofmadison.com/winter.
  • Use the Winter Website: The City’s website has a great many of other resources to stay prepared for winter. That website again is  www.cityofmadison.com/Winter

Madison Public Library Takeover Returns

Until January 31, 2024, the Madison Public Library is accepting applications for the  Library Takeover program. Teams of 3-4 people can apply to participate. The program includes a multi-session course on event planning and culminates in a finished and fully-funded program at the library in 2024. The library will choose a maximum of three teams to participate and will provide them with $2,000 each to plan their event. Each individual team member will also receive a $400 stipend and a certificate of completion from Madison Public Library. “This year we are looking for more innovative, out-of-the-box idea–submissions that will surprise us or challenge everyone’s expectations of what one might typically see in a public library,” said Community Engagement Librarian Sean Ottosen.

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