Permit Free Days June 3 and 4 in Madison Parks

Enjoy permit-free days in Madison’s parks, Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4, 2023. This includes disc golf at Elver Park, 1250 McKenna Blvd. and Hiestand, 4302 Milwaukee St. For more information, see Disc Golf Courses  Also, no permit needed for Off-Leash Dog Parks, and no Lake Access Permit is needed for many City Boat Launches. For further information, contact Madison Parks, (608) 266-4711,

Do you want your poem to be in a Metro bus?

The Madison Poet Laureate is seeking short poems from Madison residents to be considered for the annual Bus Lines poetry project. Bus Lines is made possible by a partnership between the Madison Poet Laureate and Metro Transit, with support from the Madison Arts Commission. Selected poems will be placed on Madison buses and the poets will be honored at a celebratory reading and exhibition of their work at Pinney Library, Thursday, November 9th at 6:30 pm. APPLY before June 9th

Madison Public Library’s summer We Read campaign returns!

Starting June 8, kids can visit the library, the Dream Bus or a Parks Alive event to get their own free copy of the We Read Card Deck, a new activity that families can do at the library or from home. Pick up a card deck full of action cards that offer lots of different ways kids can connect with reading, form relationships and share what they’ve read with others. Each deck contains prize cards that families can enjoy once they’ve completed the action cards. Click HERE for more information.

Streets Division Updates

With warmer weather comes an increase in large item pickup. Here’s a review of how large item pickup works now.

  • You have to submit a work order to get on the pickup schedule.  Work orders can filled out at
  • Put the items out on the set-out Sunday you chose on the work order.  Do not set them out early – crews will not arrive before your set-out date.
  • Collection of large items occurs sometime during the work week following the set-out Sunday you choose.  It could be as early as 6:30am on Monday, so get the items out anytime on the Sunday you selected.
  • What about that neighbor with a pile of stuff out for a long time?  You have two options if speaking with the neighbor is not possible:
    • Contact Building Inspection at 608-266-4551. Building Inspection is the code enforcement agency. They can see if a property has a work order or not. They can require property owners to get a work order, and fine those who choose not to follow their guidance.
    • Create a work order for your neighbor.  While this means your neighbor may not learn about the work order system, it does guarantee that they would be on the schedule for pickup.
  • Large items can also be taken to a drop-off site.  Drop-off sites are different, so check the drop-off page before loading your car.
  • Some items have fees that must be paid before dropping them off.  More about the fees can be found on the Streets large item website.
  • When in doubt, contact the Streets Division and we’ll help.

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